Sunday, August 7, 2022

YOU’LL BE BONES Is your car on the most STOLEN list now that car thefts are on the rise?

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Car theft is on the rise in the UK leaving insurers with more than £1.4billion out of pocket.

That’s according to vehicle claims specialist CMA, which has filed a Freedom of Information request with the Home Office.

The response to the FOI request states: “The latest police crime figures for England and Wales show a 7% increase in theft or hijacking of a motor vehicle from 94,601 crimes in the year to December 2020 to 101,198 crimes in the year to December 2021.”

The CMA then said: “It’s far too easy to say that autocrime has gone from 500,000 offenses in the mid-1990s to 100,000 today, so we’ve largely solved it.

“Even from 180,000 a year in 2006, when the Home Office stopped publishing the annual car theft index, the picture has changed dramatically.

“About 15 years ago the typical theft was an old Ford Escort valued at less than £5,000, taken for ‘joyriding’ and later recovered, often burned out.

“Now we frequently see almost new £100,000 Range Rovers stolen by professional criminals and they are rarely found.

“The fact that 72% of stolen vehicles are never recovered is a staggering failure.”

But which cars are stolen most often?

A separate FOI request from car leasing comparison site LeaseLoco found the answer and we have the five most stolen models of 2021 for you.

number stolen: 1474

number stolen: 1755

number stolen: 1912

number stolen: 3754

number stolen: 3909

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