Friday, August 5, 2022

YOU WATTS? The AA boss offers a tip to prevent the car from being stolen, but some people point out a mistake

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AA President Edmund King has revealed his wife’s £50,000 Lexus was stolen from their home in Hertfordshire.

Thieves intercepted the car’s key signal and later returned to open the car and drive off, prompting the AA chief to offer some advice to drivers.

The hackers are believed to have obtained the key’s information while King’s wife was standing outside with it that morning.

Mr King told the Telegraph: “We believe the thieves got into the house at 11.45pm and used their computer device to unlock the car and remove it without banging into the car or anything.

“We didn’t notice it until the next morning when it was probably on its way abroad in a container with changed license plates.”

As a result, he told the Telegraph he had started putting car keys in Faraday cases, in a red metal box in a microwave oven in the back of his home.

And of course he has also started using a steering wheel lock on the car to further deter thieves.

King wants to warn drivers to take the same action as thieves gain access to more advanced technology.

Putting your car keys in a Faraday casing and then in a microwave should block the key’s signal, making it impossible for thieves to amplify it.

But the modest turn of the steering wheel is still an extremely effective way of preventing someone from driving the car in the first place.

However, some people commenting on The Telegraph’s Twitter page saw an error in providing this information.

@mollieandarchie said: “Smart of him to tell thieves where his keys are.”

@DurhamWhines said: “So hackers can’t hack, but robbers know exactly where they are…”

While @armando_cristos said: “I’m sure he is very grateful for the mass dissemination of this vital information.”

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