Tuesday, August 9, 2022

WON’T STAY A MOTHER I’m being dragged into court for the SECOND time for parking in front of my mother’s house – it’s unfair and I’m going to fight it

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A MAN became furious after claiming he had been wrongfully dragged into court for a second time for parking outside his mother’s house.

A previous lawsuit against Benjamin Greenblatt, 34, was dismissed by a district judge.

The parking company involved, Parking and Property Management Ltd, is now trying again, reports The Guardian.

Benjamin will take the stand in a few days to defend himself again in court.

The 34-year-old says his mother was taken to court by the estate’s previous parking company in 2018 for parking “on her own property” in Whetstone, north London.

And Benjamin says the case was dismissed too.

He said, “I believe these private parking companies will get away with murder… This will be the third trial.”

Benjamin, who lives near Braintree, Essex, says when he drives to his mother’s house he parks in one of the visitor lots in front of her house.

And he insists he’s entitled to do so without having to show a permit.

He says that the lease for his mother’s property specifically mentions “the right … to use any parking lot marked ‘V’ on the map … for the temporary parking of visitors’ private motor vehicles.”

Dating back to 2019, the Parks and Property Administration filed a lawsuit against him in district court, alleging that he had parked “in violation of the conditions set out on the signage,” resulting in a parking fine that he did not pay have.

As a result, it asked for a total of £246.

But in January 2020, a judge dismissed the lawsuit, ordering the parking company to pay Benjamin’s costs.

Then last October, he was issued a new claim for parking in the same location on June 5, 2020 by the same company. This time the total amount claimed was £254.

The case is scheduled to appear in Chelmsford District Court on Friday.

Benjamin says that the parking garage is wasting court time and abusing the legal system by filing another lawsuit, even though the first case was decided in its favor.

He wants the judge to serve a restraining order on the parking company so they can’t pursue him any further.

And he even has the support of his MP Kemi Badenoch – who recently ran for Tory leadership.

She emailed the firm to say that Greenblatt had previously beaten the firm in court, adding: “I am therefore writing to ask if you will consider, given the strength of his defense and the likely outcome to drop your lawsuit against Mr. Greenblatt.”

Parks and Property Management said it would be inappropriate for them to comment as the matter is the subject of ongoing litigation.

The government has promised action on parking fines and in February this year announced a code of conduct for parking companies that would offer new higher standards and better protections for drivers.

Ministers said the code would result in parking fines being cut by up to 50% in most cases, saving motorists millions of pounds every year.

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