Friday, January 20, 2023

Wife shows off how well the pink stuff cleaned her dirty bathroom… but it’s definitely not what gets people talking

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THE Pink Stuff is already an integral part of many households’ cleaning cupboards.

Side-by-side with a scrub daddy, there seems to be nothing the couple can’t clean.

But a woman on the internet pushed the cleaning star duo to their limits.

Kiertyn Rochelle shared a very dirty bathroom in an online video.

She was amazed at how effective the Pink Stuff was at removing dirt from her bathtub and shower.

She said, “Don’t come to my shower. But anyone who’s skeptical about the pink stuff, take a look.”

“Literally all I did was take an exfoliating daddy, put a little bit of this pink stuff on it and just rub.”

She said, “No way. Hardly any muscle power required.”

Kiertyn’s video went viral with over 6.5 million views.

While it was clear that Pink Stuff was highly effective, viewers were curious to know how Kierstin’s shower turned out in the first place.

One commenter said: “But how does it get this bad?”

A second said: “Just discovered the cleaning.”

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Another joked, “Resident Evil Tub.”

Many viewers were keen to see the end result.

One commenter said: “Can we see an after cuz my sister swears by it but idk [I don’t know] mine looks the same.”

Kiersten followed with a final results video.

Thanks to the Pink Stuff, Kierstin’s bathroom got a complete makeover.

However, Kierstin’s viewers were still not satisfied.

One commenter said: “Nah, dip it back in the pink stuff.”

Another said: “Go ahead, you’re not done yet.”

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