Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Widow who ‘discovered dead husband in curry house promo’ hits back at son-in-law, insisting he IS in the picture

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A widow who claims to have seen her late husband in a new promotional video for a curry house has insisted it is him – despite the restaurant and her son-in-law “proving” her wrong.

Lucy Watson is convinced her partner Harry Doherty, who died nine years ago, can be seen in the short clip shared by Spice Cottage in Westbourne, West Sussex, last week.

The restaurant, which posted the footage to its Facebook page on January 16, said it was taken the week before.

But Lucy thinks this is “impossible” and believes certain bosses are wrong.

She said: “It’s definitely some kind of montage. The people at some tables change.

“There’s a woman in a plaid dress who disappears halfway through the video.

“They must have just jumbled up old footage.

“It’s not always the same, any idiot can see that.”

Lucy, from Emsworth, Hampshire, stumbled across the video and immediately recognized two men seated at one of the tables as Harry and his son Alex.

In shock, she played the clip about 30 times before concluding that it had to be them, since her late husband was a “distinctive man” with white hair and glasses, and was wearing a familiar-looking blue sweatshirt.

“I knew it was him, it was just a gut reaction,” she said.

“The moment I saw it, I knew it was Harry; he has the same build, the same glasses and the way he sits is the same.

“I wasn’t upset about it, I just didn’t get it.”

Lucy asked the Indian restaurant where the footage was from and was told it was filmed on January 9th.

But she’s confident this is wrong, as the last time Harry went to Spice Cottage with Alex was on New Year’s Eve 2013.

Her son-in-law confirmed today that neither he nor his father are appearing, and it was a bizarre misunderstanding.

The 39-year-old, a former duathlon champion who competed for Britain, told MailOnline: ‘No way. It’s not my father and it’s not me. She got it wrong.”

However, Lucy remains steadfast, insisting that he is the one wrong.

She said: “I’m not saying he’s still alive, I was there when he died in 2014.

“But I’m 99.5 percent sure it’s him and Alex. There’s no way you’d get two doppelgangers like that.

“He looked very different in the months leading up to his death, so it must have been filmed some time before that, possibly New Year’s Eve 2013.

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