Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Whose fine is it anyway? I was fined £100 for leaving my car in a car park for just 25 minutes – but I will NOT be appealing on this ground

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A FUMING driver has been fined £100 for parking for just 25 minutes – but here’s why he’s refusing to appeal.

Ian Ellis, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, was shocked after receiving the hefty charge two weeks after shopping at a Lincoln shopping centre.

The 51-year-old said he showed up at Tritton Road Retail Park in early June to pick up a click and collect an order from Halfords.

But he estimates that he was only a few moments in the workshop and only got out of the vehicle with his partner for a maximum of five minutes.

The couple claim they left the car park to have lunch at a nearby pub and returned to the mall that afternoon to visit Home Bargains.

This time, Ian said, they were in the retail park no more than 20 minutes.

So you can imagine Ian’s surprise when two weeks later he was threatened with a £100 fine in the mail.

The letter claimed he had been in the car park for five hours and asked him to pay the fee, which would be reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days.

Ian flatly rejects the parking fine, which he doesn’t think he deserves at all.

He refuses to shell out the money and is adamant that he will not appeal either.

Ian said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it and I won’t pay for it.

“The letter said I could appeal the fine, but there’s nothing I can appeal, I just won’t pay.”

The car park is managed by UK Parking Control (UKPC).

Signs around the State retail park Drivers are not allowed to leave the site and are allowed to park for a maximum of three hours.

He added: “There is indeed CCTV footage of me in the parking lot at Nosy Parker [pub] if UKPC claims I was at Tritton Road so the evidence is there but the ball is in their hands now.

“I will not be appealing and have just told them that if they want to go ahead they can go to court.

“Going to the pub and signing forms to get the CCTV footage to win my appeal is going to cost me time and money so if they want me to do that then I will charge them an administration fee of Charge 250 pounds.

“It’s not just happening to me, and it seems to be affecting the number of deals that deals actually get there.”

Ian may be right that he’s not alone – as Google reviews of the car park make similar claims against the parking system.

One comment warned: “The parking attendants are also hot on it, if you’re not in your bay you’ll get a ticket or if you dare to leave the parking garage again, ticket city! Be careful.”

Another shopper who walked her dogs to the pets’ home at the retail park said she was also given a ticket.

She wrote: “Went to the grass next to the parking lot and went back to the car to get grocery bags and I had been given a parking ticket!

“The park ranger said I had left the premises… speaking to him now, I asked to disagree.

“No empathy from this person who kept grinning…so upset about it.”

“Stop my trip and others beware as Tritton Retail Park is NOT dog friendly,” she finished with a sad emoji.

A third review read: “Beware the parking lot man!

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