Saturday, June 25, 2022

WHITE BEFORE RAGE I’m furious after being fined £60 for my parking space… it’s perfectly legal and I will NOT pay

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A DRIVER was furious after being fined £60 for parking on a yellow line – despite parking on a white line.

Scott had parked his car in a “perfectly legal” spot on Inverleith Place in Edinburgh on Monday 6 June.

He went for a walk with his dog at 3 p.m. and came back an hour later to find a ticket under the wiper blade.

He said: “Confused, I opened it to find that I had allegedly breached some sort of parking restriction.

“During the week it is difficult to find free parking in this area but I did notice a short stretch of road between some double yellows and a series of ‘pay and display’ bays which the sign said were active at the time.

“Along this stretch were the remnants of a very worn line. The parts of the line that were still there were white, and I’m sure anyone else looking at them would agree: not even slightly yellow.

“There was a driveway and wall along this short stretch of road, so I assumed the white lines were old ‘protected entry’ markings – which I should point out are purely advisory and not legally enforceable.

“Nevertheless, I decided to park next to the wall so as not to block the residents’ driveway.”

Confident he’d been parked in a “fully legal” manner, Scott went to Edinburgh City Council’s portal to open a legal battle against the £60 fine.

He explained that there was no marking on the road and no way to tell if the pay and display rule applied to it.

However, the council responded that Scott had parked on a single yellow line – along with a photo showing him parked on a white line.

Scott said, “I couldn’t believe what I read.

“They had sent me pictures of my car taken by a parking attendant and claimed that the reason I got a ticket was because I had ‘parked on a single yellow line’.

“Amazingly, their own photographic evidence, which accompanies the response, shows my car parked on a white line.”

Stunned, Scott did his own research and found that the spot where he was parked once had a double yellow line – not a single yellow, as the council claims, and not a white line, as it now appears – which started the confusion on a whole new level.

Scott said: “Even the park attendant and those responsible for processing ticket challenges cannot tell what type of line it should be. So how should I?

“The Council is responsible for ensuring that these markings remain clear.

“Motorists cannot be expected to know what color a line used to be, only what color it is now – and at the time of parking, what was left of that line was white.

Scott has not yet paid the fine — and has no plans to do so — and is prepared to further challenge the ticket and possibly take it to court.

He said: “This type of behavior by the Council should not be tolerated by drivers.

“If they’re going to continue to issue parking tickets, they need to have clear markings.” And the right number of lines. In the right color.”

A spokesman for the City of Edinburgh Council commented on the incident: “Anyone who disagrees with the outcome of their parking ticket challenge to the Council can appeal the decision to the independent Parking and Bus Lane Tribunal for Scotland.”

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