Friday, January 13, 2023

We were on the Apprentice and got smacked of wearing bikinis — but women in business can be sexy

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THEY made it into the last four of last year’s Apprentice – a female final that made history.

But despite being an incredible businesswoman, Brittany Carter and Stephanie Affleck have still been called out for sharing bikini pics on Instagram.

The women, who are proud owners of burgeoning businesses, admit they find it strange that people think doing business and wearing a bikini are two things that are mutually exclusive.

Steff, 28, told us: “I find that a strange concept because I don’t think the two things need to be separated, why doesn’t someone have to look good in business.”

This year’s apprentice cast, like Steff and Brittany’s year, is attractive, but the stars insist Lord Sugar wouldn’t even consider it.

“I don’t think that’s the priority, and I don’t think Lord Sugar cares about how someone looks, he cares more and more about their business acumen,” Steff added.

Brittany, 25, agreed, saying: “Every single person who enters this process has to go through such a rigorous application process, they are the best of the best.

“It’s a shame people used to judge her by her looks without really knowing her business acumen.

“If it was like The Voice and you couldn’t see what they looked like, you would say ‘ok, these guys are great business people,’ and then they turn around.”

Admitting the girls had to work hard to be seen for more than their Insta posts, Steff said: “We got the same thing when we started – to say we all looked on Love Island, and on At the end when it was the last four girls it was like ‘they are amazing’.”

Brittany added: “Everyone is so shocked that people in companies go on holiday wearing a bikini. It’s like running my own business so I can go on vacation – that goes hand in hand.”

They concluded, “You can be in business and you can be attractive, they are not separate things, power is sexy.”

Both Stephanie and Britt wouldn’t change their experience, revealing how much it opened doors for them.

Stephanie is currently in the process of securing investment for her beloved children’s clothing store, Little Fashion House, to transform the well-loved brand into the marketplace concept she chose The Apprentice to pursue.

She said: “It really helps to get your foot in the door before I’ve emailed companies and not been noticed by them, and once I’ve finished the program and could say I’m an apprentice finalist, did they want to have this conversation and it’s so useful.

Brittany is launching her “clean” energy drink – Oomph – next week after securing investments ahead of the show.

“After the show, I found an investor and a mentor who helped me launch my business. I had all these opportunities off the show that I never could have had before,” she explained.

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