Monday, January 16, 2023

Watch as an impatient Porsche driver tries to take over a car at high speed but immediately regrets his decision

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A VIDEO of an impatient Porsche driver attempting to take over a car has gone viral on social media.

The video was uploaded to Reddit by @__THE_TURTLE__ and shocked viewers.

The video shows a Porsche Cayenne trying to take over a white Nissan.

As he races past the inside of the Nissan, the driver immediately regrets the decision.

Unfortunately, the Porsche drives too far away and crashes into snow and ice on the side of the road.

The Cayenne begins to slide before hitting the barrier and spinning back the other way.

It lands with massive damage in the middle of the freeway going the wrong way.

The video was captured by a driver’s dash cam in Colorado Springs.

Company means to overtake on the left (or passenger) side of another vehicle on a dual carriageway or highway.

While legal transactions are legal in the US, you may not transact in the UK.

That said, there are some exceptions.

The road traffic regulations say: “Only overtake on the right.”

Rule 268 adds: “Do not overtake on the left or move into a lane on your left to overtake.

However, it states: “In congestion situations where adjacent lanes are moving at similar speeds, traffic in the left lane can sometimes be faster than traffic in the right.”

“In these conditions, you can keep up with traffic in your lane, even if it means overtaking traffic in the right lane.

“Don’t weave in and out of the lane to overtake.”

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