Monday, June 27, 2022

WAITING PAIN I was given a £70 parking fine while waiting to MARRY – the council said I could wait there

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A GROOM has been slapped with a £70 parking fine while awaiting his wedding.

Dominic Marshall, 31, was sitting in his truck outside Wokingham Town Hall in Berkshire when a parking attendant handed him a ticket on June 11.

Mr Marshall had pulled his wedding-banded truck into a loading bay around 2pm that afternoon.

He was waiting for his wife-to-be to arrive when he got the expensive surprise.

Mr Marshall said: “The first traffic cop walked by and didn’t say a word.

“Two minutes later his friend showed up and no matter what we did, I got a ticket unless I drove it around the block.

“As a groom, I found standing down the aisle a little more important than driving around the block.

“That was the place agreed by the council where it would be parked.

“We told them we were coming in and were told it would be fine in the loading bay opposite City Hall.

“Because of the market it was too big to go down the side of the town hall.

“Getting fined £70 on one of the biggest days of your life – when weddings cost enough anyway!

“He said the space was for loading only – so I pointed out that I was loading a bride into the truck.”

Dominic tried desperately to argue with Wokingham Borough Council to reconsider but “received a one-line reply” telling him “the appeals procedure, which is on the back of the ticket”.

But Wokingham City Council has now agreed to pay council for the ticket “as a goodwill gesture”.

A spokesman said: “Our wedding packages have space for two wedding cars in the market place and this will be discussed with the couple during planning meetings with our events coordinator.

“Due to market trading hours and weight restrictions in the marketplace, we are unable to park larger items in our designated parking spaces.

“The loading bays, which are controlled by Wokingham Borough Council, are not available for parking and I have not been able to confirm with any staff that there was a discussion of parking in a loading bay area prior to the event.

“We have no control over the cancellation of parking tickets issued by Wokingham Borough Council.

“We certainly do not want this event to overshadow Mr Marshall’s wedding anniversary at City Hall, so as a goodwill gesture, Wokingham City Council stands ready to pay the fine imposed.”

Dominic said: “I’m just glad they made the decision to do the right thing.”

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