Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Urgent warning to check insurance bills as you could be missing out on hundreds of euros

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Car insurance prices are rising and drivers are being warned they could save hundreds of pounds by turning down renewal offers.

The cost of car insurance has risen by 14% in the last 12 months, with drivers now paying an average of £586 a year for coverage, down from £514, according to Willis Towers Watson.

Ryan Fulthorpe, Go Compare’s auto insurance expert, said motorists can save hundreds every year by switching insurers.

He says you should ALWAYS turn down renewal offers and shop around to see if you can save any money.

Ryan said: “We advise drivers never to simply accept an offer to extend, regardless of the percentage increase, as it’s always worth spending a few minutes looking around to see if you can get a better offer that suits you.” provides the desired and needed coverage.

“Insurers use a number of factors to calculate an insurance quote and risk appetite varies from insurer to insurer, so it’s always worth comparing policies to see what’s out there.

“It’s also worth checking if you can get more coverage for the same price or even save some money.”

The savings tip can be used by all motorists to reduce their costs, as all motorists are required by law to insure their vehicle.

Those who fail to insure their vehicle or renew their policy could be fined £300 and given six points on their driving licence.

While car insurance is there to protect you from a hefty repair bill if you get into an accident, thousands of motorists are hit with hefty renewal offers every year.

And many drivers have reported that their renewed bills have risen above the rate of inflation, which currently stands at 10.5%.

And customers can still save by switching, even if their renewal quote is the same as the cost of last year’s coverage.

Ryan also pointed out the importance of paying for your car insurance annually – a move that can save the average driver up to £60 a year.

He said: “There are a few other things you can do to save money on your car insurance, such as: B. Annual payment if you can afford it and not making any modifications to your car.”

Below we have explained how you can search for cheap car insurance.

Always look online for cheap car insurance deals – and it’s worth doing even if you’ve received a renewal offer to see if there are better deals elsewhere.

A comparison website is a good place to start because you can compare auto insurance policies based on the type of coverage and the amount of deductible you are willing to pay.

However, it’s worth using more than one as different locations have different relationships with each insurer.

Some insurers, such as B. Direct Line and Aviva do not use comparison sites, so you should contact them directly to see what they offer.

You can also get discounts when you add two cars to one policy, called multi-car insurance.

This isn’t always available on comparison websites, so you’ll need to check with an insurer directly.

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