Monday, October 25, 2021

TIME TO GO The three signs it’s time to BIN your iPhone

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THE IPHONE is one of the best smartphones in the world – but not for everyone.


If you’ve got one of the older Apple models and aren’t sure whether to throw it away, there are three reasons why it might be time to move on.


Battery life issues are one of the most common reasons people replace their old cell phones.


The batteries of smartphones wear out over time, leaving you with a handset that is empty in just a few hours.


This process usually takes several years. If your phone lasts less than a day in a year, something is probably wrong.


To fix iPhone battery bad condition, it is recommended not to replace the battery yourself as it will void your phone’s warranty.


Instead, you should take it to your nearest Apple Store or send it to the company by following the directions on their website.


The problem with this route is that Apple is charging up to £ 69 to replace the batteries on iPhones that are out of warranty.


If you’re already considering ditching your iPhone, it might be best to dodge the battery change fee and get yourself a new handset sooner rather than later.


To save your iPhone battery, avoid using it in very hot weather and do not wipe out all of your apps.


Some iPhone owners are missing out on Apple’s latest major software update – potentially exposing them to cyber crooks.


The iOS 15 upgrade, launched on September 20, brings a number of new features with it. Not everyone can get it, however.


Each year Apple typically selects an older iPhone model or two from its list of handsets compatible with newer iOS versions.


This is to offset the challenge of having many models and iOS versions running smoothly at the same time.


Surprisingly, iOS 15 is compatible with every iPhone and iPod touch model currently running iOS 14.


This means that anyone with an iPhone 6S and newer and owners of a 7th generation iPod touch can install the iOS 15 update.


However, those without iOS 15 are in hot water as software updates are extremely important.


First of all, they mean adding brand new features as well as bug fixes that will improve the performance of your handset.


But they also mean security patches that prevent hackers from cracking your phone’s security with old exploits.


If you are concerned that your older iPhone has been exposed to hackers, it may be time to upgrade.


If you’ve been on iOS for years and want to try something new, maybe it is time to get out of your iPhone.


For example, you could choose a nice Android phone with similar specifications but a different operating system.


Android is the name for the smartphone software officially released by Google in 2008.


Any business can build a phone and put Google’s Android on it – because it’s free to use and customize.


Because of this, we see a lot of companies making Android phones, including of course Samsung, LG, OnePlus, and Google.

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