Saturday, June 25, 2022

The search for savings on cell phone bills is “more important than ever,” says Sky Mobile boss

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The cost-of-living crisis means there has “never been a more important time” for people to look for ways to save on their cellphone bills, the Sky Mobile chief executive said.

Paul Sweeney said the public “should be able to stay connected with who and what we love without worrying about increases in your cellphone bill.”

Speaking to mark his fifth anniversary earlier this year, the Sky Mobile boss urged more people to consider joining the network to save money at a difficult time for many.

“In this day and age of crises in the cost of living, energy bills and just about every bill is on the rise, wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about your cellphone bill and switching to Sky Mobile is probably one of the easiest choices most people can make “Do that and make some significant savings on their monthly expenses,” he said.

“We offer the UK’s cheapest annual data plan of any major network, our entry-level plan is 2GB for just £6, compared to some of the traditional networks that offer twice the data for half the price.”

“There’s savings, and I think there’s never been a more important time to be talking about it.”

He added: “Unlike some of the big networks, we have never increased our prices during the contract period and will not increase them this year either.”

Figures released last month show that the number of mobile connectivity support requests has increased significantly in recent months and people are facing rising monthly costs.

The charity The Trussell Trust said it has seen demand for a program it runs that provides free monthly mobile data to people who already receive support from food banks.

Mr Sweeney said Sky Mobile already has features to help people get more value from their data. The network offers a roll feature that allows users to roll over any free data they have left at the end of the month to ensure they can keep it and use what they have already paid for.

It also has a piggy bank tool that allows users to share backup data with up to seven sim cards on their account.

Catherine Hiley, cellphone expert at, said people should use such tools, as well as a cellphone data calculator, to optimize their data plan as needed.

“Tools like Sky Piggybank and Roll are useful when your data usage varies from month to month, e.g. B. if you spend more time on your WiFi while working from home.

“Sharing your idle data with family and friends is a convenient way to manage your household usage when someone is running low,” she said.

“However, if you find that your unused data volume is building up each month, you may find it more cost-effective in the long run to reduce the size of your bundle.

“Using a mobile data calculator could be a great way to figure out how much you actually need each month so you’re not regularly paying for data you’re not using.

“If you’re on contract and the cost of living crisis means you’re struggling to pay your cellphone bill, talk to your provider about your situation.

“They should want to help you manage costs and could switch you to a cheaper plan.”

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