Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Just Stop Oil ringleader boasted of being arrested 22 times

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AN ECO fanatic who wreaked havoc on Britain’s roads boasted he’d been arrested 22 TIMES, The Sun is able to reveal on Sunday.

Just Stop Oil ringleader Paul Sheeky gloated over his record of breaking the law in a Zoom video workshop.

Later this week, Home Secretary Chris Philp is set to meet with police chiefs to urge them to be tougher on militant protesters.

Writing in today’s Sun on Sunday, he warned: “We cannot be blackmailed by eco-zealots like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion.

“There’s no excuse for gluing yourself to roads or trains, vandalizing property, digging illegal tunnels, or making someone miss their father’s funeral.

“It is wrong to block ambulances, fire engines or cars taking babies to the hospital.”

He added that “police also have a responsibility to use their powers to crack down on those causing chaos.”

In a video uncovered by The Sun on Sunday, Sheeky boasts about his record of breaking the law.

In the clip, taken from a Zoom tutorial he did for other militant activists, he said: “My name is Paul Sheeky, I’ve been a climate activist since I found out about this stuff over the past few years.

“During this time it has become more and more urgent. I’ve been arrested 22 times – to be honest, it hasn’t really affected my life that much.”

Paul Stott, head of security and extremism at think tank Policy Exchange, said it was amazing that repeat offenders were still roaming the streets.

He said: “To give the false appearance of being a mass movement, environmental activists are masters at building multiple campaign groups.

“The baton can pass from Extinction Rebellion to Insulate Britain, then to Just Stop Oil and back to XR – but it’s the same people who are running the race.

“If you look closely at some of these individuals, you will find examples of people with a staggering number of arrests.

“It’s hard to imagine supporters of less fashion-forward causes getting away with so much.”

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