Friday, January 13, 2023

The Brits are going wild for Iceland’s new hash brown quarter pounder – but there’s a catch

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FAST food fans are crazy about the huge quarter pounder hash browns that are now being sold in Iceland.

The colossal potato and onion delight is served with bacon and egg in a bun.

But there’s a catch – because Brits have gotten so crazed for the breakfast staple that they’re now sold out.

However, Iceland has revealed that the XL hashbrowns will be back on the shelves soon.

The breakfast burgers have sent fans into the abyss – with hundreds rushing to voice their opinions on social media.

One wrote, “People might end up fighting over these…like these prime drinks.”

Another added: “OMG! There is a god! These will definitely be on my death certificate.”

However, not everyone was convinced.

One person wrote: “I mean, I love hash browns, but with the lean ones, it’s hard enough to cook the center perfectly and still stay crispy on the outside without charring.

“It will be impossible to perfectly cook these giant lumps.”

Another replied: “I totally agree! I only like McDonald’s and they need to be cooked crispy.”

Meanwhile, one person shared how they make the food their own way while selling out in Iceland.

They explained: “I usually get a bag of 24 at Lidl for 99p, two in a bagel or muffin with a slice of cheese. Beat.”

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