Monday, January 23, 2023

The best place to park your car in winter to save gas revealed – plus three tips for saving fuel in the cold

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CAR EXPERTS have figured out the best places to park your car in winter to save on gas.

As the cost of living continues to rise, millions of Britons are looking to save money on fuel.

Conveniently, auto experts from the Bill Planting Driving School and National Scrap Car have shared tips to save on fuel this winter.

The first is to park your car in a warm place like a garage during the colder months.

This increases the temperature of your engine and reduces the need to spend time warming up before driving.

Drivers should also spend less time warming up their car while idling.

The engine warms up faster while driving, reducing emissions and maximizing fuel economy on those colder days.

Also check your car’s manual for the correct tire pressure, as under-inflated tires can increase fuel consumption by 0.6% to 3%.

It’s also important to know that maintaining the correct tire pressure increases tire life and reduces fuel consumption – which also saves money.

By removing unnecessary weight from your vehicle, fuel economy is also maximized.

Experts insist that it is not necessary to warm up the car before driving.

Luckily, most modern engines are fuel-injected, meaning most are safe to drive out of the box.

If the police catch you leaving your car unattended, you could face a hefty fine.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Dorry Potter, National Scrap Car’s car and scrapping expert, said: “In fact, it has been said that leaving the engine idling for too long on a cold day can cause engine oil dilution, leading to damage can.

“As long as the windshield, rear window and mirrors are defrosted, it is safer and more fuel efficient to drive almost immediately after turning off the engine on a cold day.

“Also, it is useful to consider that under Rule 123 of the Highway Code, it is actually illegal to leave a vehicle idling unattended, which could result in a fine.

“And as if that wasn’t bad enough, insurance companies can also refuse to pay if the car is stolen while it’s running and left unattended.”

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