Monday, November 28, 2022

Tesla driver parks on sidewalk and neighbor takes revenge in shocking way people are reacting is surprising

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A TESLA driver who blocked the sidewalk suffered a nasty shock after a neighbor retaliated.

The image was uploaded to Reddit by @Ligitimate_Country11 in the US and users are amazed at what they see.

The neighbor, fed up with the parked car blocking the sidewalk, decided to paint the white Tesla red.

The Reddit user who uploaded the image said, “A neighbor parked their Tesla by blocking the sidewalk and someone threw red paint at their car.”

The Tesla owner tries to find out who is responsible for the damage.

In the UK, the Criminal Damage Act 1971 provides that vandalism is intentional damage to another person’s property and is a criminal offence.

Offenses extended to the bodywork of a car being keyed or vandalized with paint.

Penalties for vandalism can range from a fine of £5,000 and six months in prison.

It is estimated that up to 30% of UK drivers are vandalized each year.

The image has caused disagreement among Reddit users, but surprisingly, most of them think the Tesla owner deserves it.

One said: “Don’t park on the sidewalk or people will splatter paint on your car.”

Another said: “This should become standard practice. My mother literally cannot pass.

“She uses a wheelchair and sometimes there’s literally no way around cars.”

However, some disagreed, with one saying: “The person who parked like this shouldn’t be doing it. It’s not fair to ruin your belongings.

“One is a misdemeanor and the other is probably a felony.

“They could have just called the police 911 number and had an officer come out.”

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