Wednesday, August 10, 2022

STYLE STATEMENTS Inside Billie Eilish’s $500,000 car collection – including a $300,000 McLaren with butterfly doors

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BILLIE Eilish’s seven Grammy awards mean the singer has room in her driveway for a grueling drive — or five.

From British speed to American muscle, here’s your look inside Billie’s $500,000 car collection.

Like Billie, the 720S is new to the scene as it was McLaren’s second ever production car.

McLaren’s 720S is the 20-year-old singer’s most expensive vehicle.
The mid-engined 720S produces a whopping 700 hp complemented by 500 lb.-ft. of torque.

A mid-engine placement gives the 720S better weight distribution and handling.

When Billie is in a hurry, McLaren’s 720s propel the Grammy winner from 0-100 km/h in two and a half seconds.

The most surprising thing about Billie’s McLaren is its fuel economy of 26mpg – an impressive specification for a supercar.

Land Rover has called Billie’s sports model “the most dynamic Range Rover ever,” reports Hot Cars.

Step into a Range Rover Sport and you’ll be greeted by an interior almost as large as that of a full-size Range Rover.

The interior dimensions of the Range Rover Sport offer soft surfaces, two 10-inch touchscreen displays and a fully customizable 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.

Billie’s Dodge Challenger SRT was her first car and her dream car.

The multi-millionaire introduced her challenger in her music video for All I Wanted.

Billie’s Challenger was a gift from the singer’s music label for her 17th birthday.

The Challenger’s license plates said “RDB”.

The RDB LA Auto Center is a Hollywood garage frequented by celebrities to customize their cars.

This alternative singer’s Chevrolet Suburban seats eight and has an enlarged cargo area.

While the Suburban appears to be a gas guzzler, Chevrolet has optimized this SUV’s fuel economy by using Auto Start/Stop technology and blocking fuel delivery to the cylinders via cylinder deactivation.

Billie can ride her Suburban comfortably thanks to the vehicle’s independent rear suspension, which improves ride quality and handling.

This Grammy winner’s most fuel-efficient vehicle is her Mazda 5.

Billie’s Mazda 5 gets 31 mpg on the highway and offers ample storage space with its minivan configuration.

Mazda ceased production of its 5 Series model in 2015 to improve other sectors within its lineup.

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