Monday, May 9, 2022

SOUNDS GREAT I’m an Apple expert – EVERYONE with headphones should know the “Sound Slider” trick

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AN APPLE genius shared a hidden iPhone trick that will make your music sound a lot better.

It’s hidden deep in your iPhone settings – so you probably wouldn’t find it accidentally.

But it lets you change the volume and tone of your music when using headphones.

This way you can enhance your music and change its sound to your own liking.

The hack was revealed by TikTok star and gadget genius Katarina Mogus.

Tech genius Katarina regularly shares Apple tricks under the name @katamogz – and her latest iPhone hack has already earned thousands of likes.

The function is hidden in the input area of ​​your iPhone settings.

You should go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Headphone Adjustments.

Now you need to move the headphone adjustments to the On setting using the slider.

Once that’s done, your music will already sound a little louder.

And then you can change as many settings as you like.

To increase the volume even further, adjust the “Sound slider” from Light to Strong.

And you can even switch Tune Audio to Vocal Range for another boost.

Try changing the settings while actively listening – so you can really hear the difference.

It is possible to change settings for phone, media or both using the switches below.

And if you have a pair of Apple or Beats headphones, it’s even possible to create your own “custom audio” setup.

Apple fans were seriously impressed by the trick.

One fan wrote, “Love your video.”

Another said: “Thanks, great tip!”

But beware: Be careful not to turn the volume up too loud.

You can damage your hearing if you listen to very loud music for a long time.

Apple’s Health app includes hearing data so you can check if your volume levels might be causing problems.

You can find it on your iPhone by default.

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