Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sonos Sub Mini: How to pre-order the smaller subwoofer

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Rumors of a cheaper, smaller version of the pricey Sonos subwoofer have been circulating for months, but now it’s official. After the company accidentally leaked the product almost a year ago, Sonos has lifted the lid on the gadget and revealed that the Sonos Sub Mini will launch on October 6th.

Sonos has made three generations of its Sonos Sub (£644.93, Amazon.co.uk), with the first launch in 2012. But it’s always been a little too big and powerful for most to entertain buying, especially for those with smaller living rooms.

However, the Sonos Sub Mini is a far fancier and more affordable product that will pair well with other Sonos speakers in more modest living rooms. With its 6-inch dual-force cancellation woofers, Sonos says the Sub-Mini will “produce surprisingly deep, dynamic low-end sound while minimizing buzz, rattle, or distortion,” so you should get a healthy dose of deep, cinematic bass.

Sonos says the Sub Mini is best paired with the Sonos Beam Soundbar (£449, Sonos.com), the new Sonos Ray Soundbar (£279, Sonos.com) or the Sonos One (£199, Sonos.com) and Sonos this can be combined with an SL (£164.99, Amazon.co.uk) smart speaker. However, you can also pair it with the company’s premium Sonos Arc soundbar (£769, Johnlewis.com) or Sonos Five Speaker (£499, Sonos.com), but the results might not be as groundbreaking.

The miniature subwoofer is available to pre-order ahead of its launch next month for £429 and we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the wireless device below, including where to pre-order the sub-mini.

The Sonos Sub Mini is the company’s first small subwoofer. It’s a cylindrical speaker with a center tunnel that the brand says helps move the air. At 12 inches tall and 9.1 inches across, it’s about half the size of the larger Sub and connects wirelessly to existing Sonos products.

It has an NFC pad on top of the subwoofer, making setup even easier, and there are also two custom woofers in the acoustically sealed enclosure. Sonos says this should produce the “full low end of a much larger subwoofer,” with advanced processing enhancing bass response. Interestingly, both woofers are directed inwards to create a force-cancelling effect that neutralizes distortion.

It also supports Sonos’ Trueplay tuning technology, which adapts the bass to the acoustics of your room. The volume is automatically adjusted with your soundbar or speaker, but you can adjust the EQ and change the bass level in the Sonos app.

It has a 5GHz WiFi connection, so there shouldn’t be any lag between the audio output and what’s happening on the screen when watching movies, shows or games. And for the interior conscious, the Sub Mini is available in white or black to match your existing color scheme.

Pre-order now

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