Saturday, June 25, 2022

“SO DANGEROUS” We live on a rat-infested street where speeding racers drive recklessly – we’re too scared to let our kids outside

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LOCALS have revealed they are afraid to let their kids play outside while fast racers plague their rat street.

Local residents say it is near impossible to safely cross Norcot Road in Reading, Berks with drivers going through at such a speed.

Some drivers hit the curb several times a day, while others drive around traffic islands on the wrong side of the road to overtake others.

The Rat Run is only a stone’s throw away from SIX schools – that makes everyday school life a nightmare.

And the track is considered so dangerous that some neighbors are too afraid to let their children go outside alone for fear of being hit.

Grandmother Carole Smith, 48, told The Sun: “It’s really dangerous here.

“The cars come down here much too quickly. You can stand on the sidewalk for five minutes and try to cross it.

“Two or three times a week you hear a car pull up onto the curb in front of my house.

“Then you hear them stop because their tires blew out.”

Reading City Council has approved plans for a crosswalk on the street.

“The crossing is a good idea as long as it’s really obvious because they get here so quickly,” Carole added.

“If you are at this intersection and you think you can cross it… many children will use this intersection for school.

“My granddaughter is nine and lives with me. I take her to school every morning.

“The road is so fast and nobody pays attention to the speed limit.

“My other grandchild, my grandson, is 13. I wouldn’t let him out of here.”

Carole’s neighbor Simon House, 52, reiterated her concerns.

“This alley is the entrance to Morlands School. A lot of kids come by,” he said.

“My son is 11, he can do it.

“I never let him come down that road alone.

“There are five schools here and all the children come here.”

Gary Cook, 61, lives around the corner from Norcot Road – but catches the bus at the busiest point.

The grandpa – whose youngest grandchild is just two years old – said: “It’s terrible down here. It is terrible for mothers who cross the border with their children.

“They’re rushing around here.

“You have to be fast enough to cross in the middle of the road on the islands.

“I have grandchildren and I don’t want to take them to the stores around here.”

Mother Mary Collins, 38, regularly walks down Norcot Road with her one-year-old daughter.

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