Thursday, December 2, 2021

SHADOW OF A DOUBT “Alien Shadow” discovered on Google Maps makes conspiracy theorists go wild

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NETIZENS believe that they discovered the slim shadow of an alien on Google Earth.

Images available on the digital map service depict what appears to be a creepy-looking shadow being cast on a dirt road in a remote part of the world.

The ego recordings were shared with TikTok last week by user @ in a video that has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

In the clip, they zoom in on a snowy landscape with industrial buildings and dusty dirt roads, reports the Daily Star.

After entering Street View – Google’s first-person panoramic mode that allows you to see the surroundings at street level – they discover a mysterious, tall shadow.

It appears to have a man-shaped torso and arms topped with an elongated neck and bulbous head.

Due to the way the photo was taken, the shadow appears to float without being cast by anyone in the shot.

It also appears to have been taken early in the morning or late in the evening, as the dark figure is stretched into strange proportions.

The creator of the viral video wrote in the test about the video: “Wait … what?”

It’s unclear where in the world the pictures were taken or how the Google Earth detective behind the video managed to find them.

TikTok users went wild on comments below the post, suggesting that the enigmatic shadow looked like it belonged to an alien or ancient Egyptian pharaoh.

One user commented, “An alien came and wanted to say hello.”

Another wrote: “You took the alien out of the picture, but not its shadow.”

Others pointed out that the shadow was almost certainly cast by Google’s Street View cameraman and their panoramic snapper.

One wrote, “Guys … the cameraman is invisible.”

A second post: “This is the mirror image of the motorcycle that the driver and camera mounted on the guy I saw before.”

And a third said, “I know it’s a cameraman, but it really looks like a pharaoh or an alien.”

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