Thursday, December 22, 2022

Seven stunning EastEnders spoilers as Dot Cotton’s final story begins

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THE longtime resident of Walford packed up and headed to Ireland in 2020.

Two years have passed since the EastEnders icon moved away, but news of her death reached Albert Square this week.

Charlie Brook’s on-screen alter ego did whatever it took to push Linda out of Mick’s life and cement her own presence.

She may have thought this would be easy after finding out she was pregnant, but Linda and Mick’s chemistry still prevents her from getting what she wants.

On BBC One, she is upset to learn that Mick (played by Danny Dyer) has once again been spending time with Linda.

Janine has an instant idea and brings him some devastating news – but is she honest with him?

Unfortunately, a few residents look through them.

Meanwhile, Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) prepares for an interview, but gets distracted when Janine asks her to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding…which only offends her.

Later, Mick tells Sonia what’s going on with Janine and shares the news he just got.

Unfortunately for Janine, Sonia gets a hunch that the blonde bombshell is lying.

Sonia intervenes and confronts Janine before telling Mick.

But Janine manages to stop them, unaware that Mick’s mother Shirley (Linda Henry) is overhearing and becoming suspicious.

Janine assures Sonia that she will tell Mick in time, but he also overhears their conversation.

Sonia resists the urge to throw Janine under the bus.

But when she realizes how far Janine is going, afraid Linda and Mick might work things out, Sonia steps in.

In later scenes, she makes a mysterious phone call – will it help Janine?

Viewers were told that Dot Cotton was getting the goodbye she deserved, months after the actress who portrayed her passed away.

June Brown breathed her last at the age of 95 earlier this year and stars of the London-based drama paid their respects on social media.

She was a longtime EastEnders icon, playing Dot for more than three decades.

The fan favorite will meet an off-screen death this week.

Soap bosses vowed that June Brown would get a tribute episode with Square residents attending her character’s funeral.

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