Friday, August 5, 2022

SCRUBBING Can I wash my car during the hose ban?

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A hose ban comes into effect in parts of England after months of scorching sun, meaning those affected will struggle to keep their cars clean.

But can you still wash your car if there is a hose pipe ban in your area?

England experienced the driest July in almost 90 years, with record low rainfall throughout the summer, prompting water companies to consider temporary bans on sprinklers and hose lines.

Under new restrictions, households could be fined up to £1,000 if caught using sprinklers or hoses connected to the main water supply for domestic use.

The ban will affect millions of UK households.

Households can wash their cars in times of water restrictions, but they have to get creative.

You can still wash your car, but you can’t do it with a hose.

But there are other methods to keep your engine clean.

These include:

Washing with a bucket uses about 32 liters of water, according to Uswitch, compared to a hose that uses between 400 and 480 liters.

However, as the warm weather continues, it’s worth exploring other options to keep your engine clean without draining the water supply.

Some homes and businesses are exempt from any water restrictions.

Garden centers and private car washes can operate normally.

Households equipped with drip or drip irrigation systems are exempt, as these control the water pressure.

Exceptions are Blue Badge holders and households using a hose for health and safety reasons.

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