Friday, August 12, 2022

Scientists create ‘artificial intelligence baby’

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Scientists have created an artificial intelligence that can think and learn like a baby.

The system is able to grasp the basic rules of common sense in the same way humans do, say the researchers who created it.

The breakthrough could help advance not only AI research but also the way we understand the human mind, scientists say.

Children’s minds are of particular interest to AI researchers because of their ability to grasp rules and common sense in a largely mysterious way. Researchers have suggested that computers could successfully mimic this system and that simulating a child’s brain and teaching it might be better than trying to copy how the adult mind works.

One of their skills is “Intuitive Physics” – the knowledge that we have about how things work together and that is taught to us at an early age. For example, people know that a ball will fall to the ground when the person holding it is dropped and recognize this at a very young age, but it’s still unclear how exactly we figure this out.

Artificial intelligence systems struggle with such concepts, and even advanced computers are unable to understand these rules in the way a three-month-old child can. But now scientists have created a new system that could learn a number of different physical concepts.

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