Sunday, August 7, 2022

ROAD RAGE I was stunned to be handed a £6M parking fine – I almost collapsed and couldn’t believe my eyes

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A WOMAN stunned after receiving a staggering £6million parking fine in the mail.

The amazed driver could hardly believe her eyes when she opened the fine notice and demanded a seven-figure sum.

She was given a parking ticket for leaving her vehicle while running errands in Rhodes, Greece last June.

The resident expected to be fined for the traffic violation but nearly collapsed when asked to pay the staggering sum of money.

According to Rodiaki, the Greek initially read the amount as 6648 euros when she recoiled in horror.

But she was dealt another brutal blow when she realized she had missed a few digits in the end – and actually owed a whopping €6,648,444.

The panicked motorist rushed to the local municipality office to contest the fine, believing there must have been a mix-up.

Local news outlets reported how the distraught woman scraped together cash but was still a long way from the £6million.

She handed an employee the stomach-churning parking ticket and joked, “Because I can’t pay for it with a card, I’ll pay you in cash!”

The confused worker then assures the woman that the large fine was imposed in error.

According to Rental Center Crete, parking fees are generally capped at €80, which is halved if you pay it within 10 days.

The employee then collected the parking ticket for the relieved motorist – and reassured her she wouldn’t have to scrape up £6million.

How the expensive error came about is unclear.

We previously told how a holidaymaker was horrified after being fined a hefty £600 for breaking a little-known driving rule abroad.

The German was visiting Queensland, Australia, when he was fined because his passenger had worn her seat belt incorrectly.

The woman had been sleeping in the car with her seatbelt fastened under her arm – but Australian car laws require it to be worn over the shoulder.

And this shocking video captured the moment a parking attendant handed out tickets to people — on their own DRIVEWAYS.

Angry local residents confronted the stupid law enforcement officer, saying the land was private and therefore a good place to park.

To put Brit’s mind at ease, we spoke exclusively to the UK’s leading parking ticket expert, Tony Taylor.

He shared his top tips on what to do when a nasty surprise awaits you on your windshield.

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