Saturday, June 25, 2022

Pumped Up Driving Hack saves motorists hundreds of pounds from rising fuel prices – and could mean you use 40% less fuel

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A smart motorist has shared a smart driving tip that could save you hundreds of pounds – and use 40 PERCENT less fuel.

Hypermiling includes a number of driving techniques and tricks that drastically reduce fuel consumption when traveling.

Practice includes everything from smart pedal controls to driving at specific speeds.

Karl Dyson, founder of, spoke to BBC 2’s Jeremy Vine Show on Wednesday and revealed to Brits how becoming Hypermiler can save them big bucks.

His first tip was to try coasting, that is, when you step on the clutch while driving forward.

Coasting uses no fuel and works well when approaching red lights.

He explained, “With the clutch depressed, you keep rolling as if you were essentially coasting.”

But Mr Dyson warned this should not be confused with a “big no, no” – turning off the engine while driving.

This is potentially dangerous and leaves the driver with no power steering and very little control of the car.

The technique also eliminates the need for hard braking, which has a negative impact on fuel efficiency.

Mr Dyson urged drivers to consider road conditions before trying the technique.

His next tip was to slow down and stay within the speed limit as it increases efficiency and uses less fuel.

The penny pincher explained, “Typically, peak efficiency for most vehicles is around 50 to 60 mph, and in cities you’ll be doing the gallon less.”

While perhaps his coolest piece of advice was about using the air conditioning in the car.

He said that when Brits are traveling “below 40mph” they should roll down their windows to stay cool, but anything above that can crank up the air conditioning.

The catch, however, is turning on recirculation mode, which means it cools the air inside your vehicle instead of cooling the hot air from outside.

Other driving tips included reducing drag on your car by removing unnecessary roof racks, boxes and flags when not in use.

These slow down the car and use more fuel when placed on the engine.

The driving hacks come as British motorists face record-breaking fuel increases on both types of fuel.

This week, the price of petrol rose to 178.5 pence and diesel to 185.2 pence per liter on Monday.

The war in Ukraine and relations with Russia have pushed oil prices higher in recent weeks.

It comes as the RAC has predicted the cost of a liter of fuel could soon reach a whopping £2 a liter.

This would mean that an average tank of fuel could cost a staggering £110.

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