Wednesday, September 21, 2022

PS5 Restock UK: Where to buy or pre-order Sony’s PlayStation 5 today

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The PS5 has been out for almost two years now, and while stock issues have plagued the console since its launch in 2020, stock levels have improved massively in recent months. There’s more drama ahead, however, when PlayStation announced in late August that it would be increasing the price of its consoles.

While we’re used to seeing consoles gradually drop in price as they age, the PlayStation 5 does the opposite. Just as the PS5 stock shortage was ending in the UK, PlayStation announced it was increasing the price of both the PS5 disc and digital edition consoles by £30, and we’ve already seen this price change applied to bundles becomes. to.

The price change went into effect on August 25, with PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan attributing the price increase to the difficult economic environment. “We are seeing high global inflation rates as well as unfavorable currency trends impacting consumers and putting pressure on many industries,” he wrote in a blog post.

“Because of these challenging economic conditions [Sony Interactive Entertainment] has made the difficult decision to increase the PlayStation 5’s suggested retail price (MSRP) in select markets,” added Ryan.

Retailers are slowly changing their prices to reflect the new suggested retail price of £479.99 for the PS5 Disc Edition console and £389.99 for the PS5 Digital Edition console, but some have yet to do so. We continue to track PS5 stock and will update you on this page with the latest stock availability with and without a price increase.

As of September 16th, the PS5 is currently in stock at 12 different retailers including PlayStation Direct, Currys, BT Shop, Game, Argos, Scan, ShopTo, AO, Studio, Smyths Toys, Hughes and EE. Most retailers have now increased their prices, but BT, Currys, ShopTo and Hughes have yet to do so.

PlayStation Direct is currently the only retailer selling the PS5 Digital Edition console, albeit as part of a bundle and at an inflated price. Smyths Toys, Argos and PlayStation Direct are all currently selling the PS5 Disc Edition console individually with no accessories or add-ons, again at the inflated price of £479.99.

Amazon has also changed how customers buy the PS5 Disc Edition console from its website. You must register now to receive an exclusive invite. When you get one, you have 72 hours to purchase the console before it’s released to someone else. Invitations were last sent out on September 6th. Sign up today to receive one in the next wave of invites. The retailer restocked the Horizon Forbidden West bundle on September 14th.

Here are the retailers with PS5 consoles currently available, from cheap to expensive:

Each retailer has a different timeline for when they’ll be releasing the PS5 on their website, and below we’ve rounded up all the main ones, along with the best ways to get a console when they do end up arriving.

Amazon usually releases the PS5 disc edition before the PS5 digital edition. So be careful if you see one going live before the other. On July 14, 2021, Amazon made the console exclusively available to Prime members for the first time. It has since only been available if you are a Prime customer.

Then, on July 27, 2022, Amazon switched to a new invite-only system for the PS5 Disc Edition console. Customers are encouraged to register with their Amazon account to receive an invite and purchase a console. When you receive an invite, you have 72 hours to purchase it before it’s given to someone else.

Our top tips are:

During previous drops at AO, customers had to do some coding exercises to secure the console. This is no longer necessary as there is less demand for the console.

For posterity, here’s what customers had to do to get the console in their cart. It takes a bit of effort, but many people have seen success with it when the console is live but shows as out of stock. Note: This only works when the PS5 product page is live on AO and you need to use Google Chrome.

You can test this with any item on the AO website if you want some practice before the next drop. AO usually delivers between 9am and 11am. Only bundles are expected to be in stock this time.

Argos is one of a few retailers to have started allowing people to go into their stores and order a PS5 console directly from one of their tablets, but this is only possible if supplies become available during a restock . Usually, the console is made available online for people to click-and-collect to buy, with home delivery being a rarity.

Drops used to occur in the middle of the night between 1am and 5am and went live region by region, but that appears to have changed as the storage situation eases. Inventory can now fall at any time of the day.

The last drop at Asda was on April 26th and stock sold out in minutes. This was the second time Asda sold a PS5 bundle that was included Horizon forbidden west and Big tour 7. Drops usually take place between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. Asda isn’t the easiest retailer to grab a console, but we have a few tips.

Make sure you have saved all your payment details in advance and that you have added the console to your Wishlist. Sometimes you can’t check out from the main PS5 landing page, but you can check out from your Wishlist.

As of October 2021, only BT Broadband customers can buy the console from the retailer. The retailer restocked the PS5 on May 25 and has been in stock ever since.

You need an access code to purchase the console. If you are a BT Broadband customer you can find this on your MyBT portal. Simply log in, scroll down to the Your Offers section and click on the PS5.

You can also register your interest on the BT website. You’ll receive an email with an access code that will take you straight to the order page where you can buy a PS5 once it goes live. It’s basically the same method as above but with fewer steps. You need your account details for both.

Currys used to use a PS5 VIP priority pass lottery to give out its consoles fairly. Those selected would have five days to purchase the console using a unique code, with redeemers receiving a call a few weeks later. The lottery ended in early June 2021, but people were still receiving codes until early December 2021. Since then, restocks in general sales have been frequent, with drops occurring several times a month and across days. This is usually because Currys stocks the most expensive bundles of any retailer.

Only EE customers can purchase a PS5 from the retailer, with eligible customers having a 12 month or longer contract. The network provider only sells the PS5 Disc Edition console (£40 a month for 11 months), but it also sells a number of different bundles.

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