Sunday, November 27, 2022

Potholes caused a 225 increase in vehicle breakdowns per day, AA says

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VEHICLE FAILURES caused by potholes are up 225 a day, shock figures show.

The AA said rain-covered road damage has resulted in far more calls than normal.


Shock figures show breakdowns caused by potholes are up by 225 a day[/caption]

And it called for a cash injection from the chancellor in Thursday’s fall statement to help repair hundreds of miles of crumbling roads.

The AA normally handles around 1,500 pothole-related breakdowns a day at this time of year, but has seen an increase to 1,750 this month.

Breakdowns and suspension damage are the most commonly reported types of damage.

Two recent forensic reports of cyclist deaths blamed potholes and local authorities’ failure to repair roads.

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But local government budgets are being squeezed and ministers are looking for savings to plug a huge hole in public finances.

AA President Edmund King said: “Potholes obscured by rain are one of the worst things any road user has to overcome.

“Well-hidden potholes – deeper than expected and with the ability to cause monumental damage – mean our crumbling roads are rapidly deteriorating.

“The number of additional mishaps is shocking and will only get worse as more rain is forecast and the weather turns cold – causing more damage.”

He added: “For safety reasons alone, we need to ensure local road investment is sustained.

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“But the reality is our residential streets need a massive cash injection.

“Hopefully the Chancellor and the Prime Minister can pave our roads on Thursday.”


AA President Edmund King said: “Potholes obscured by rain are one of the worst things any road user has to overcome.”[/caption]

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