Saturday, June 25, 2022

PHONE HOME I caught a creepy “ALIEN creature” on my ring doorbell – can you tell what it is?

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A HOMEOWNER has captured a mysterious figure on video using his Ring Doorbell, and no one can be sure what it is.

The grainy black-and-white footage makes it difficult to see what’s crawling outside.

The figure pushing the camera is rigid but moves smoothly.

The top of the figure is reflective and lanky.

The camera has a small field of view, so it’s impossible to tell how big it is.

When the homeowner turned on the light, they said they couldn’t see the figure — it was only visible through the camera.

“It’s an insect antenna that’s just on the camera so it looks bigger than it is,” wrote one TikTok commenter.

“I’ve seen many snakes do this, ready to strike when they smell prey,” added another commenter.

The video’s original poster says they are from Tennessee, but does not specify where this particular video was filmed.

According to AZ Animals, snakes in Tennessee are more active in late spring and early summer when the reptiles breed.

Some commenters had more otherworldly explanations for the mysterious sighting.

“It’s like an alien metal detector,” said one TikToker.

There were also references to the War of the Worlds movie, where snake-like aliens wreaked havoc on Earth.

While an alien mystery can be exciting, it’s best not to let your imagination run wild.

Reason says the figure was likely an insect antennae or some other roaming game.

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