Tuesday, January 24, 2023

People are just now realizing that there’s an Android feature that keeps your most important details as close as possible

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A FEATURE that keeps your important details in a tight digital embrace just got easier for Android users.

Whether you’re working or just taking personal notes, this mobile version of a Google favorite puts important details at your fingertips.

Google Drive’s app lets you “access your photos, presentations, or PDFs on the go,” according to Android.com.

Once downloaded, you need to open it and log in to access your cloud storage.

From there you can locate any file you want or browse the thumbnails for your desired project.

“You can also easily create new files or edit and share existing ones,” the site says.

As is typical for Google Drive, files are saved automatically.

This keeps them up to date and available on any device you can access Drive files from.

If you need your own copies of files or photos, you can download them directly from the Google Drive app.

You have the option to select Google Sheets or Slides when you tap the “plus sign” for “New File.”

However, you need to download the appropriate apps to do more than view the files.

Printing, sharing, renaming, and adding Drive shortcuts can all be done in the Drive app without doing anything special or downloading an additional app.

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