Friday, January 20, 2023

Partner of missing aristocrat Constance Marten ‘raped neighbor when he threatened her with secateurs aged 14’

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Missing mother Constance Marten’s partner raped a neighbor while armed with pruning shears aged 14, it has been reported.

Mark Gordon, who disappeared with the aristocrat and her newborn baby more than two weeks ago, was jailed in 1989 for the attack.

The Birmingham-born sex offender spent 20 years behind bars in Broward County, Florida before returning to the UK with his mother and siblings in 2010.

Court documents show Gordon broke into his victim’s home through her bathroom window before entering her bedroom, reports The Daily Mail.

With pantyhose in front of her face, hedge trimmers and a kitchen knife in each hand, the then-teenager ordered her to undress, it is said.

He then sexually assaulted and raped the resident during a four-and-a-half hour ordeal, records show.

According to reports, two small children slept in the next room.

After six weeks on the run, six charges were finally brought against Gordon, including armed kidnapping, armed sexual assault and burglary with a deadly weapon.

He admitted the attack, was convicted on all charges and jailed for 20 years.

But in the time leading up to his arrest, Gordon hit a man in the head with a shovel in his own home.

He later confessed to the violent attack.

Gordon’s past is exposed during a nationwide hunt for him, his partner and their baby.

The trio have been missing since January 5 when they left their car on fire on the M61 near Bolton, in Greater Manchester.

Police believe Constance, 35, may have had the child just a day or two earlier and neither was examined by doctors.

Concerned that both may need urgent medical attention, they have reached out directly to them to “do the right thing” and reach out.

Officials have also asked the public to report sightings.

Since their disappearance, Gordon, Constance and the boy have been sighted in Essex and London.

The last confirmed sighting was on January 7 near East Ham train station in East London.

The couple, who are said to have lived in seclusion for the past six years, are paying for transport and accommodation in cash and under false names.

There are fears they are living on Constance’s multi-million pound trust fund and may evade detection for a long time.

Constance comes from a long line of wealthy landowners with connections to the royal family.

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