Tuesday, June 28, 2022

PARKING MAD I’m on trial 6 YEARS after being hit with a £70 parking fine – don’t get caught like me

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A mother was summoned to court SIX YEARS after a speeding ticket was issued.

Donna Davies can’t believe her misfortune since the £70 charge resurfaced just before Christmas last year.

In October 2015, Donna was three months pregnant with their daughter Sienna after a battle with infertility.

The “overjoyed” mum-to-be excitedly visited Riverside Retail Park in Norwich to shop for baby essentials, reports the Norwich Evening News.

But in her enthusiasm, the veterinary assistant lost time and exceeded the parking limit – and she was fined £70.

She said: “I got a letter through the door saying I had been fined.

“I called them, apologized and explained the situation.

“I had spent £1,000 that day. They said if I could send my receipts to prove it was a real bug and I was around they would get back to me.”

The Little Plumstead mum was then “really relieved” when the ticket company waived the fine.

But her relief didn’t last long when a second letter appeared the following month, urging the mother of one child to pay the fine immediately.

Left utterly in disbelief, Donna contacted the company and said it had been waived, but she never heard a reply saying she moved on with life.

Then, in October 2021, she received the amazing news that she was being taken to court by the law firm.

Donna pounded, “I was so shocked. I had to call the court to see if it was real, I was so amazed.”

The courts then offered her mediation.

In January 2022, she was told she would have to appear in the dock in April for failing to pay the fine, sending poor Donna’s fears “through the roof.”

She was then told her case had been adjourned and has now been told she will be brought before district court this summer – and incredibly there is no record of the initial adjournment there.

Donna said she was left “heartbroken” by the ordeal and it was having a massive impact on her life.

And now she’s very worried about how she’s going to survive as a single mother.

She said: “I’m struggling enough with this – even without what they’re trying to throw at me. It’s so annoying.

“I had sleepless nights because of it.

“Being in court is the greatest thing. It’s one of the most annoying things I’ve ever been through.”

The Sun has reached out to Highview Parking, which operates the Riverside car park, for comment.

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