Tuesday, August 9, 2022

PARKED I’m a parking expert – these are my top tips for dealing with a fine

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Getting a parking ticket is far from ok.

The little yellow hell drivers are often the number one annoyance among drivers and can be difficult to pull out of your pocket.

But help is at hand.

Leading UK parking ticket expert Tony Taylor has won over 7,600 appeals against parking tickets for people who have lost their wits.

The 61-year-old, who runs www.appellyourticket.co.uk, is so good he says parking companies “know me by name” after losing just 656 appeals in six years.

He shared his top 3 tips on what to do when a nasty surprise awaits you on your windshield.

Private parking companies issue parking notices, while the police and council issue penalty notices.

The catch is that private parking companies’ tickets are designed to look really official, so people tend to think they are fines, but they aren’t.

“You’d be surprised how many people pay their parking ticket without even raising an objection because it just scares them, especially a lot of older people,” Tony explained.

Also, you should not immediately object, but wait until a letter with the note “safekeeping” arrives in the mail.

Tony says it’s important at this moment to verify that the letter cites Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA).

If not, you do not have to disclose who was driving the car at the time of the incident.

Acting as just a “guard” means the parking company has to do the work of figuring out who was behind the wheel.

Tony noted how some companies drop the case at this stage as the driver didn’t do the work for them by handing them all their data so it would cost them more in the long run.

This is particularly relevant if you have been lured into the trap by ANPR number plate recognition cameras typically found in supermarket car parks.

Tony said: “Private companies must give notice to the keeper within 14 working days of the alleged breach. If they last longer than 15 to 16 days, you don’t have to designate the driver immediately.”

The ticket expert explained that this is because the company failed to meet their POVA requirements as explained above. Quote this in your answer and ask them to cancel your ticket.

Tony explained: “Windscreen tickets have 56 days to issue a notice to the holder, but with ANPR they must issue a notice to the holder within 14 working days.

“The majority of the public doesn’t understand this and will pay for it anyway.”

It sounds simple, but it’s important to remain calm when parking companies start shoving scary bailiff orders into your mailbox.

And Tony said some companies distribute court filings “like confetti,” but read the fine print and call them.

There is often a simple solution that will allow you to explain what is happening ahead of writing and defuse tension before it boils over.

Communication is key.

Contact Tony at AppealYourTicket@gmail.com or on Facebook by clicking here.

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