Saturday, June 25, 2022

PARKED A rude stranger wrote an angry note on my CAR for partially parking on a sidewalk… I was stunned

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A CARER has told how a stranger wrote an angry note on her car for partially parking it on a sidewalk.

Stacey Reynolds had parked her car for just 15 minutes on Upper Wilton Street in Prestwich, Manchester, when she visited a patient at 6pm on Wednesday.

But when she returned to her car, she found two messages on her windshield.

One read: “Don’t park like this!”. While a second said: “Sidewalks are for walking.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, the community worker said: “I was shocked and just so angry that someone would do this to someone’s car.

“I always park there and have never had a problem. It didn’t wipe completely; it was some kind of white marker.

“I had to try to get out as much as possible and try to finish my shift and then I had to finish scrubbing them when I was done with the job.”

Stacey says because she had to spend time cleaning her windows, she was late for her patient visit.

She added: “I park easily on the sidewalk to make room for cars as this road can be a bit of a hassle to get up and down.

“But I also make sure I leave enough space for people to walk by.

“I wasn’t expecting to pay a visit to find this, which then delayed me for my next call as I had to try and pick it up.”

Despite what many people believe, there is no law against curb parking in the UK.

Rule 22 of the Highway Code states: “You must not park, in whole or in part, on the pavement in London and you should not park anywhere else unless the signage allows it.

“Sidewalk parking can be a serious nuisance and inconvenience to pedestrians, those in wheelchairs or those with visual impairments, and those with strollers.”

Outside the capital, you can partially park your car on the sidewalk, but it must not be an obstacle.

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