Monday, May 9, 2022

PARK AND FLY A simple mistake means drivers are being charged up to 500% more for airport parking – here’s how to avoid it

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YOU could spend up to 500% more on airport parking if you don’t need it.

With a little planning, you can save a lot of money at airports across the UK.

A study conducted by Car Lease Special Offers found that paying for daytime parking means drivers are spending a tremendous amount more.

Just going online and booking in advance makes a big difference in cost.

The study examined parking offers for a one-week stay (Wednesday 5 p.m. to Wednesday 5 p.m.).

Each price offer was valid one month in advance of travel dates to see which UK airport would offer the best deal.

The biggest savings are at Manchester Airport, where the study found that booking in advance costs around £84 for a week’s parking.

However, it costs up to £406 to show up on the day and pay for a week. That’s £302 more.

London City isn’t much better, where paying upfront costs £123.49 for a week but showing up on the day costs £420 – a difference of £297.

Meanwhile, Birmingham Airport charges £68.99 for a pre-booked week but £343 for a week a day which will cost you an extra £274.

The cheapest airport in the study was Belfast, where a pre-booked week costs £39.99 and a weekly ticket a day costs £65.

In fact, Belfast ranked as the cheapest airport overall when premium drop-off, short stay, layover, long stay, pre-booked weekend and pre-booked week parking are taken into account.

However, Belfast was one of the worst airports for electric car chargers as none were available – another area the study looked at

According to their websites, three other airports do not currently offer on-site EV charging stations: Stansted, Doncaster Sheffield and Southend.

The best charger is Heathrow with 38 currently, with Bristol Airport second best with 12.

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