Saturday, January 21, 2023

One Show viewers were stunned after they found out actress Felicity Kendal’s real age

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FELICITY Kendal shocked The One Show viewers after discovering her real age.

The decrepit actress who rose to fame on the popular ’70s sitcom The Good Life is now 76 years old.

Felicity was 29 when she starred in the hit BBC One series and she still looks just as great.

The popular star showed off her youthful looks on The One Show as she chatted about her new play Noises Off.

The star opened up about her time working on the show and said she’s looking forward to more touring.

She said: “Life on the street when you’re in good company is heaven on earth. They go out, drink and eat afterwards, and stagger back to work the next morning and leave again.

“It’s nice because we went to some nice theaters and the audience was nice. I mean, if it doesn’t work, then you don’t like touring, but when it works, it’s a joy.”

But viewers refused to believe she was 76, with many taking to Twitter to compliment her on her youthful looks.

One person tweeted, “How good looking Felicity Kendal is.”

While another commented: “Felicity Kendal is 76 and she looks amazing #theonesho.”

This fan said: “Damn it, Felicity Kendal looks younger than me! #TheOneShow”

Felicity has spoken at length about her love for Botox, and in 2012 said she was considering getting more of the wrinkle-smoothing injections after a two-year hiatus.

Defending getting them, she reportedly said: “It’s nice not to have lines when you frown, especially on TV.

“I don’t know why people make such a fuss about it. No one cares if a woman has her teeth clipped or her hair dyed.”

Meanwhile, Felicity also showed off her youthful looks last year when she appeared on The Graham Norton Show.

While chatting to host Graham, she loved to act drunk — something she often found herself having to do while playing The Good Life’s Barbara.

She was referring to screen husband Tom, played by the late Richard Briers, and her neighbors, Penelope Keith’s Margo and Paul Eddington’s Jerry.

She explained: “I love playing p****d and we thought it would be very fun if we got drunk like Jerry and Tom.

“The BBC boss said Barbara and Margot couldn’t get drunk because they are so loved by the audience.

“We fought really hard for it and finally we shot this scene. It’s interesting to see how far we’ve come – everyone’s p****d now.”

The Good Life, which first aired in 1975, is often hailed as one of the greatest British sitcoms of all time.

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