Sunday, June 26, 2022

NOT THAT TRICKY I’m an iPhone expert and almost nobody knows my genius iMessage text trick

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YOUR iPhone has a clever iMessage trick that lets you send fun animations to friends.

It’s hidden in the iMessage options, so you might never have seen it.

Apple packed tons of features into your iPhone, and they’re not all obvious.

But TikTok Gadget Whiz @howfinity revealed a clever SMS hack online.

First, make sure you are updated to the latest version of iOS.

Go to Settings > General > Software update to check.

Now tap on the Messages app and open an iMessage conversation with a buddy.

Next, tap the chat bar to bring up the keyboard.

Then select the heart icon in the row of options above the keyboard.

When you’re in the enlarged menu, it says Digital Touch underneath.

Tap it and you’ll find that a new mini-display replaces the keyboard.

Now you can hold down your finger to create a pattern.

You can change the color of the pattern and even hold it with two fingers to add a heart rate pulse.

It is possible to tap in multiple places to have different pulses in the animation.

And you can spread two fingers apart to send a kiss symbol.

Then you can send these animations to friends.

Here’s a bonus iMessage SMS hack for us.

Sending SMS can take a lot of time, especially when you send a very long message on iPhone.

But if you regularly send similar texts, there is an easy solution.

It’s possible to use Apple’s text replacement feature to quickly retype long messages.

So if you frequently share an address, a phone number, a common phrase, or something else on a regular basis, it’s worth setting up a text replacement for it.

First open Settings and then go to General.

Scroll down to Keyboards, then tap Text Replacement.

You can then create substitutions by typing in a phrase and a shortcut.

The abbreviation is what you personally type, and the phrase is what it turns into.

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