Thursday, December 2, 2021

NOT SO TRICKY I found FIVE secret iPhone iMessage tricks that most people have never heard of

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A POPULAR TikTok video that got hundreds of thousands of likes revealed some iMessage tricks you might not even know about.

The short video clip shows you how to send individual emoji reactions to each individual message and how to create personalized “written” texts.

It was posted by TikTok star @ roxanna.roxi who writes a lot about useful tech hacks.

The video begins by saying, “iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed.

“Did you know that you can send a different emoji to every single message?”

The TikToker then shows up with iMessage and the dragging of Memoji to respond to various messages.

Note that this won’t work with regular emojis.

Next, the TikToker quickly demonstrates how you can hold down the sound wave button to the right of where you normally type your iMessage, and this is how you can record a voice memo.

It also demonstrates how you can rotate your iPhone to send a “personalized text”.

Make sure the rotation feature is not turned off on your phone.

Then flip it sideways in an iMessage chat and you should see a doodle icon next to the back button in the lower right corner.

Click on it and you can draw your own message to look like it was written.

The TikTok creator then revealed how you can swipe through letters without lifting your finger off the screen to create some text.

Some people find this faster than typing.

Finally, @ roxanna.roxi shows you how to send iMessages with screen effects that they think are “so much cooler”.

To do this, type in an iMessage and then hold down the blue end arrow without lifting your finger.

This should bring up an effects menu for you to choose.

There are screen effects or bubble effects and you can send things like balloons for someone’s birthday and even emoji fireworks that will explode all over your friend’s screen.

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