Sunday, June 26, 2022

NOT MAPPY! I left a brutal 1 star google maps review for a place I DID NOT go – and everyone agrees

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THE manager of a distillery and a disgruntled potential visitor were locked in an argument over a scathing one-star review left on Google Maps.

An unidentified customer shared his frustrating experience after an endless struggle to book a winning tasting session.

After several attempts on the phone and online to set up an appointment, they settled on what would catch their attention – posting a negative review online.

Eventually they listened back, but things didn’t go easy from there.

In fact, it only got worse.

The distillery has asked them to remove the one-star rating from Google Maps.

“I responded that this has been my experience so far, but I hoped to change it when we left,” the person revealed on Reddit.

“No Answer.

“A few weeks later I updated and gave 3 stars but with a few comments on how they could have improved the service (maybe not the best place for that I realize).

“Everything was ready for the tasting when my wife (who volunteers with the organization that ran the raffle) informed me that the head of the organization had been contacted by the owner of the distillery.

“He told her (the leader of the organization) that he wanted to cancel the tasting because I wouldn’t remove the review (although I changed it).”

Given the poor treatment, they are now wondering if they should drop the rating back down to one star.

And many people agree that they should.

“Restore the one-star rating,” said one reader.

“Cancelling a tasting because of an honest review is totally unprofessional.”

Another added, “The professional response to a bad review is to offer the reviewer to make it up to them and then BE BETTER.”

A third said they should give zero stars if it was possible.

“They deserve whatever comes to them,” the user chimed in.

But not everyone felt the same.

One accused her of embarrassing her wife because it is a charity event she volunteers for.

“I understand you wanted what you paid for, but giving a bad review was awful,” the person said.

“As someone who volunteers for things, it’s people like you that make it difficult for people like your wife and me to receive donations for our causes.”

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