Sunday, August 7, 2022

NOT FINE I’m a parking attendant – you could be hit with instant fines for these common mistakes

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A parking attendant has uncovered the most common mistakes made by drivers that could penalize them IMMEDIATELY.

Most offenses require parking attendants to constantly watch the car for five minutes to see if a driver corrects their mistake or continues before issuing a fine.

But ex-guard Lucas Taylor, 40, said corner parking with double yellow lines is among the rules, which don’t require a five-minute observation time.

Parking in a handicapped parking space without a badge does not require supervision either.

Lucas, who quit his job as a warden to run his own business, told The Sun: “If they’re parked in a disabled bay [without a badge] It’s an instant ticket. No five minute observation.

“You see one of them, it’s an instant ticket – right on the car.

“If you park on a corner and on a double yellow line, that’s also an instant ticket.

“If you block the street or an entrance, that’s an instant ticket.”

Other immediate fines include parking on zigzag lines outside a school.

Rules may vary by municipality or park company.

The Highway Code states that a driver may not stop, park or wait for any length of time on double yellow lines.

If they do so, they face hefty fines.

However, there are a few exceptions if you are only stopping for a short time.

These apply to drivers picking up or dropping someone off, as well as blue badge holders for up to three hours.

But if you break down and are forced to drive on double yellow lines, you may not be protected by the letter of the law.

RAC Breakdown spokesman Simon Williams said: “Technically, a stalled vehicle on double yellow lines is in violation of parking regulations and a fine could be issued.

“But since yellow lines are generally hand-issued, it is unlikely that a driver will even get a ticket from a civil law enforcement officer as long as they are with the car and can clearly explain why they are stuck.

“Enforcement officers are usually very suspicious of notes left in cars saying they’re broken.”

Meanwhile, parking in disabled bays without a blue sticker risks a fine.

Blue Badge drivers can park for free in on-street parking lots.

But there might be deadlines they need to meet.

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