Saturday, August 6, 2022

NO THANKS It turns out that 77% of UK drivers will NOT buy an electric car – here’s why

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UK drivers will need to buy an electric vehicle if they want a new car by 2030.

That’s the current law, but recent research suggests that 77% of UK drivers still don’t want an electric car.

A study by electric car subscription company Elmo asked 2,000 non-electric vehicle drivers in the UK for their opinion.

77% said an electric car would not be their next purchase.

Around 26% stated that they still find petrol or diesel vehicles the most attractive.

Hybrid cars followed closely in second place with 25.7% of the vote and finally fully electric cars in third place with 12.5% ​​of the vote.

Almost 24% of drivers can’t tell the difference, and another 12% say they don’t find any type of car more attractive than another.

More than a third of those opposed to EVs (38.9%) said the purchase price is their biggest deterrent when considering an EV as their next vehicle.

Almost 21% said a lack of charging infrastructure was the main reason, while almost 15% said the range of EVs wasn’t good enough to deter them.

After that, 10% cite loading times as their biggest frustration.

However, Elmo also found that 58% of people were unaware of the potential financial benefits of owning an electric vehicle.

In addition, more than a third (35%) of the drivers surveyed are unaware of the cost of charging an electric car.

Elmo has rolled up the numbers on how much cheaper electric vehicles are to run than their petrol or diesel counterparts.

It states that drivers should expect annual running costs of owning an electric vehicle to be less than £2,000 – or just £30 a week.

Compare that to conventional vehicles, where drivers can expect to pay an average of £2,200 a year – that’s more than £40 a week.

If the average driver owns their car for 8.6 years, that equates to a saving of £1,720 per car.

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