Sunday, June 26, 2022

NO MERCY Traffic cop smacks car £50 fine despite incredibly heartfelt handwritten note saying not to buy ticket

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A JOBSWORTH traffic cop insisted on hitting a car with a £50 fine – despite an incredibly heartfelt message from his driver.

The silver SUV with Ukrainian number plates was parked on Church Street in Birmingham city center without a parking permit.

The car instead displayed a handwritten note on the dashboard that explained the drivers had “just arrived” from the war-torn country.

They claimed they had no coins to pay before apologizing and promising to move by “around 10pm”.

But a yellow fine taped to the windshield showed that the traffic cop on duty did not accept the apology – and continued to collect the fine.

The note read: “We have just arrived at Viktoriaplatz 1 from Ukraine and we have no coins to pay for parking, just a credit card.

“Sorry. We’ll be moving around 10pm.”

The 1 Victoria Square address is owned by office space letting agency Regus, reports Birmingham Live.

Victoria Square is also home to the Council House and Town Hall, which the car’s owners may have headed for.

Drivers on Church Road must purchase a ticket from the nearby machine and display it on their dashboard.

But the council and supervisors involved told the publication that the machine accepts card payments.

Birmingham City Council says on its website that fines will be halved to £25 if paid within 14 days, meaning the driver could be hit with a £50 fine if they’re late.

A spokesman for the agency said: “The driver of a vehicle parked on Church Street on 13 June 2022 left a note explaining his circumstances.

“You may not have known which car parks have machines that take card payments. So if they want to challenge the PCN they can do so via the council’s website – or pay just £25 if the fine is paid within 14 days.

“Cashless payments can be made either online or on mobile phones through RingGo – which accepts card or digital payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay.”

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