Thursday, May 5, 2022

Night fine Motorists face a £1,000 fine for simply parking their car after dark – and how to avoid it

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DRIVERS should be careful if they park their car at night or face a hefty fine.

If you do not obey the rules of the Road Traffic Act you can be fined £1,000.

Rule 248 of the Highway Code states: “You may not park on a rear-facing street at night unless in an approved parking lot.”

Drivers who want to save money overnight in a parking lot by leaving their cars on the street should heed this rule or face a possible fine.

In most cases, the maximum fine is £1,000, but the police have the power to take you to court if they feel the case is particularly serious.

In some cases, this could result in an increase in the fine to £2,500 or even a driving ban.

The Highway Code also states: “All vehicles must display parking lights when parked on a road or rest area on a road with a speed limit in excess of 30 miles per hour.”

The RAC gives this advice to drivers who are unsure of how to locate the parking lights on their car.

“Almost all light switches in modern cars are located either on the dashboard, to the right of the steering wheel, or at the end of the turn signal stalk.

“Your parking lights can be turned on and off by turning the knob to the right position.

“There will be a position for parking lights, headlights and usually a separate button or switch to activate your fog lights.

“Although this is not standard, some vehicle models allow the driver to integrate the use of their turn signals when leaving the parking lights.

“So if the turn signal stays in the down position when the engine is off, the parking lights will automatically appear only on the left side of the car.

Apart from parking at night, the Highway Code also has rules on how to park when it is foggy.

Rule 251 states: “Parking on the street when it is foggy is especially dangerous.

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