Wednesday, December 21, 2022

New on Netflix: Latest releases and what to watch this week

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NETFLIX keeps us entertained all week with tons of new shows and movies to chew on.

The streaming giant is dropping a whole host of exciting content for you to devour.

Firefly Lane – Season 2

What could have ended the close thirty-year friendship of Tully and Kate, our “Firefly Lane Girls Forever”?

We’ll find out the answer this season — but first — Kate grapples with the painful aftermath of Johnny’s ill-fated trip to Iraq, while Tully faces a lawsuit after leaving her talk show and has to start her career over from Underside.

This leads her to search for answers about who she is and where she came from – including finding the father she never met, against the wishes of her mysterious hippie mother, Cloud.

In the ’80s, Kate and Johnny fall in love for the first time and create more than a little drama at the newsroom where they work while Tully’s career soars and she battles (and flirts!) with cocky sportscaster Danny Diaz.

Maybe she’s met her opponent – that is, if they can stop arguing for five minutes.

In the ’70s, teenage Kate and Tully struggle to maintain their friendship when Cloud is jailed for drug dealing and Tully is living with her grandmother far from Firefly Lane.

As the girls face the tumult of high school apart from one another, they know they only need each other.


Deep within Mount Dovre, something massive is awakening after being trapped for a thousand years.

Destroying everything in its path, the creature quickly approaches the Norwegian capital.

But how do you stop something you thought only existed in Norwegian folklore?

Take your Xnanx pill

A cure for some and a curse for others.

Commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medications are examined by patients and experts in this insightful documentary.

My name is Vendetta

Sofia is a quiet teenager who divides her time between hockey games, of which she is a champion, and off-road driving lessons.

Until the moment when she disobeys Santo, her father, secretly photographs him and publishes a photo on her Instagram. The small contribution is enough to change her life forever.

Following the computer trail, two criminals break into her home and brutally kill Sofia’s mother and uncle, resulting in a calculation that has been brooding for almost twenty years.

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