Thursday, January 26, 2023

My side hustle has made me £7,000 and lets me go on holiday to Italy and Spain… but I’m not lifting a finger

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A BANK employee has shared how they are making thousands of pounds a year thanks to a brilliant side hustle.

Alessandro Rossi saves enough money to make several trips to Spain and Italy each year.

What’s more, the 35-year-old isn’t lifting a finger to rake in up to a staggering £2,400 a year.

He explained: “If you’re lucky enough to own something to rent out I would absolutely recommend this.

“It was just a really good opportunity for me to make money.”

Alessandro’s cash cow makes up to £200 a month and he’s made a whopping £7,000 from it in six years.

And many Britons could do exactly the same, he says.

That’s because the big side business is two unused parking lots.

The banker, who doesn’t have a car, rents out the rooms for £100 a month each.

And the only work he has to do is list the rooms online.

He does this through YourParkingSpace and insists his prices are the most competitive on the market.

Alessandro said: “I charge £100 but other people in the area are charging way more than that for pitches that aren’t even in a secured car park.”

He has had around six tenants since he started his part-time job from his flat in Dalston, east London, six years ago.

Users vary from neighbors who need extra space to people who commute to the area from far away.

And he even made some friends in the process, including a restaurateur who gave him vouchers.

His clients tend to rent out the space for long periods, which the Italian sees as “really useful” extra income.

He added, “It’s the kind of money that pays for a few extra small trips throughout the year.”

In addition to the holidays to his family in Italy and his partner’s home country in Spain, the cash helps the banker to pay the utility bills for his apartment.

Reflecting on his side hustle, Alessandro added, “It’s really low maintenance and minimal admin for the amount I’m able to make.”

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