Sunday, November 27, 2022

My daughter Megan Newton, 18, was raped and murdered by a semi-pro footballer – why I will NEVER forgive his family

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A heartbroken mother said she will never forgive the family of her teenage daughter’s killer after they pretended she had done something wrong.

Joseph Trevor, then 19, stabbed 18-year-old Megan Newton nine times in the back and brutally raped her after she kindly offered him lodging for the night.

He was then caught by CCTV fleeing their flat in Newcastle-under-Lyme while looking at his bloodied hands.

But just hours before the gruesome April 2019 murder, Trevor, who knew Megan from school, had been released from custody after being arrested for drug possession.

Megan’s mother Sarah Newton has now revealed how she cannot forgive Trevor’s family, including his police officer father.

He worked for Staffordshire Police but was cleared of any wrongdoing.

From her home in Stoke-on-Trent, Sarah told The Sun Online how she was given a “stony” look in court as if she were the one who “did something wrong”.

On the night Megan was killed, drug addict Trevor, who had been on ketamine and possibly cocaine, had been spotted hiding a bag of white powder down his pants and police were called.

The semi-pro footballer was then taken to the station where he was searched before being allowed back onto the streets to continue his night out with friends.

It was then unknowingly that Megan invited Trevor back into her apartment as an “act of kindness” because he was too scared to face his cop parents.

Chilling CCTV showed the couple smiling as they reached Megan’s apartment before Trevor unleashed his ferocious attack.

The monster raped the terrified Megan before stabbing her nine times in the back.

He then left her to die on her bloodied bed as he fled the house and threw her keys to cover his tracks.

Sarah said: “When I think of him, I think he took her life and that just crucifies me.

“She must have been so scared for the last 30 minutes of her life.

“I think he killed her because he wanted sex and she said ‘no.’ He
wouldn’t take it as an answer and then there was no stopping it.”

After Megan’s murder, Trevor was found by police sitting on a bridge, sparking concerns for his well-being.

He was eventually arrested after Megan’s mutilated body was discovered by a neighbor.

Trevor also confessed to friends that he had “done something bad”.

It was later revealed he had been accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl – leading to school friends giving him the grim nickname “Rolf Harris” – but the case was never prosecuted.

Sarah said: “He was the son of two police officers but he had a dark side that came out. I remember Megan saying he was a nutcase. They only talked because they both loved soccer.

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