Monday, January 23, 2023

My boyfriend is 5ft 3 and I tower over him by 15cm… people judge us but they miss love

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A WOMAN who stands six inches taller than her boyfriend says people who judge their height difference hinder their chances of finding love.

Samantha ‘Sam’ Espinal, 24, and Stephen Di Fede, 32, are constantly “pulled over in the street” because of their different heights.

But they hardly get a second look as they sit down together – until the leggy 5ft 9in brunette stands up.

She claims that she gets bombarded with comments and stares in public for putting her 5ft 3in guy to shame.

Strangers even interrupt the New York-based couple’s dates to congratulate Stephen on catching a tall woman.

Despite struggling to adjust to their height difference early in their relationship in 2017, the two have proven that love conquers all.

They say they were initially wary of dating because society expects men to be taller than women.

But now Sam and Stephen hardly notice their different statures — unless they’re trying to reach the top shelf.

The couple want other people to challenge the stigma surrounding height – as it may be letting their true love slip away.

Sam warned: “Rejecting people because of their size can make you miss out on someone who could be your soul mate.

“I always thought I could never date someone smaller than me. The size difference bothered me a bit at first. I couldn’t imagine agreeing with that.

“People stopped us in the street to congratulate Stephen for dating a taller woman – it felt a bit odd.

“But when I fell in love, it just went away. I just stopped thinking about it,” she explained.

“Now I can see that a thousand percent of people miss out on relationships because they exclude people because of their size.”

She urged those looking for love to “lose their guard and be attracted to someone they think they might like.”

“It would be so much easier to find love,” she said.

“The way you connect with someone is so important – personality is the most important thing.”

Looking at their catalog of beloved snaps, the only striking aspect of the picture is how smitten they are.

Stephen echoed his partner’s comments, insisting their height difference does indeed bond the pair in a comedic sense.

The dancer said: “I always expected to have to date people taller than me – if I just stuck with smaller women I would have a very small group to choose from.

“In a funny way it brings humor to our relationship – like I literally can’t reach something high up.

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