Monday, November 28, 2022

Millions of Facebook users should check their settings now – you could be in danger

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CHECK your Facebook – there may be a stranger lurking on your account.

If you want to avoid devastating hacking attacks, you need to make sure your settings are as secure as possible.

We’re talking about unrecognized login alerts and two-factor authentication.

Both can help you avoid being compromised by crooks online.

Go into your Facebook settings and then look for the security section.

Then go to Receive notifications about unrecognized logins.

Meta – which owns Facebook – warns you when someone logs in from a device or browser you don’t normally use.

Then you can check your account and log out all suspicious app sessions.

You can see who is logging in, where and on what device.

So if you don’t see something, remove the session from your account – and shut out potential intruders.

If someone has been able to access your account, you should change your password as a priority.

It’s possible to find app sessions manually by going into settings.

Tap the menu tip, then go to Settings & privacy, then Settings.

Now tap on Password & Security.

Next, look for the section called Where you’re signed in.

This will show all the places where you are logged into Facebook.

You can even see if some sessions are actively used.

Make sure this list doesn’t get too long.

And if you’re really worried, you can always click the “Log out of all sessions” button.=

Add two-factor authentication to verify all logins with a text message for even more security.

You can do this under Settings > Password & Security on Facebook.

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