Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Love Island fans have accused Olivia Hawkins of ‘copying’ the show legend with similar attributes

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LOVE ISLAND’s new contestants are making themselves comfortable in South Africa – and now fans are getting to know them here in the UK.

It didn’t take long for fan-favorite couples to emerge, while another already seems doomed to be the first contestant eliminated.

But then there are some who fans think they’ve seen on the ITV2 series before – most notably Olivia, who is being compared to legendary islander Maura Higgins.

Maura became popular on the dating show for her unpredictable moves and put several couples at risk – Amy Hart even left the show when Curtis Pritchard dumped her and hooked up with Maura shortly after.

When Olivia entered the show and immediately stole Kai Fagan from Anna-May Robey in the first mating ceremony, the bells started ringing.

However, it backfired when Tanyel Revan came into the picture, Kai stepped up for her and made another substitution.

She has now hesitantly linked up with Will Young after neither was left with anyone else to pair with.

But fans think the move is reminiscent of Maura, who wasn’t afraid to chat with the other girls’ partners to decide what she wanted.

“Olivia gives me Maura vibes,” one fan wrote, while another agreed, adding, “I have a feeling she’s going to be the girl everyone hates first and then loves.”

However, others believe it was on purpose, saying: “I think Olivia is just trying to be like Maura.

“Olivia reminds me of Maura,” added a fourth. These candidates are really copy and paste of the old ones.”

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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